Jamie Lin is a beauty you’ll have to keep your eyes and ears out for, in more ways than one! Her selection and storytelling style makes the house heads groove with ultra-funky basslines that flow through like tasty ear candy. On the flip-side, she also gets the dancefloor rockin with tech house and chunky electro house tracks. A native to the San Francisco Bay Area, her influences derive from SF and Chicago house, as well as from dnb to rock (in her younger years). Jamie’s passion for sharing these sounds led her to create the “Love Our House” radio show that turned into a weekly event. She has been a key player in the San Jose house scene, striving to enlighten others with non top 40’s music.

Jamie Lin is a 3D Artist, Graphic Designer and is involved with designing clothing, marketing material and cds for one of Burning Man’s biggest Sound Camps, Opulent Temple.

Since 2003, Jamie Lin has already graced the sound systems of the World-Class clubs in San Francisco such as Ruby Skye, 1015 and The Endup. Outdoor events she’s rocked, include “The House that Jack Built” float at the SF LoveFest Parade. She’s also did some damage on the 100,000W system at one of the biggest soundcamps at Burning Man, opening up for Carl Cox, Dj Dan and Christopher Lawrence at the infamous Opulent Temple!

Jamie Lin has been a featured guest on a variety of radio shows around the world, covering the US, Europe and South America. She has also produced and hosted a weekly radio show “Love Our House” on Karma Radio based out of San Jose, CA. In 2006, Jamie teamed up with DJ Liquid and provided vocals for 2 of his tracks on the Hyperfocus album. With a diverse taste in music, she is a classicaly trained violinist, has a 2 1/2 octave vocal range, and rocked out to punk, ska and metal during her guitar playing teenage years. In addition to her obsession with electronic music, she has this habit of collecting strange instruments from all over the globe (like the mud-baked flute from Taipei).

Jamie is one of those rare women that graduated college at 18 and immediately entered the video game industry doing 3D art and animation. By the time she was 23, she had her hands in everything from course design on Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2001, animating and texturing for the Official Playstation Magazines discs, to cleaning up Motion Capture Animation for World Series Baseball 2K3. Her other projects include freelance photography, fashion design, and image consulting for the music industry. In her spare time, she can be found on a mountain bike, hunting down new restaurants, or planning her next adventure in asia. Look out for Jamie Lin bumpin that funky sh*t on dancefloor, or on your stereo… cause you’ll never know what kinda trouble she’ll get into next!